Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Taking Chances - Celine Dion's Concert In Kuala Lumpur

It was Sunday afternoon on the 13th of April 2008 and t'was raining cats and dogs in Kuala Lumpur. We were planning to leave the house a bit earlier.. around 4pm.. After the rain stopped, which is a around 5pm, my sister and i quickly dashed to the car and sped off to the stadium. My friends, were already at the stadium, queuing and the crowd is getting bigger and its only 5.15pm!!..... I dropped my sister at the Stadium entrance to collect the tickets that we bought online ages ago and proceeded to find a good parking spot. Then i walked a short distance to the side entrance that we are supposed to meet and queue. The line was still not that long.

Celine's song was resonating from the stadium..... i quickly dashed to the a little opening of a crevice and from afar, i can see CELINE DION wearing a Purple Kaftan on the stage and quickly snapped some pics of her... but its kinda blurred since i was so far away..... Apparently, she was doing the sound check..... Her vocals resonated all around the stadium and i know that it will be a GREAT show that night!!!

Celine in Purple Kaftan

The Entrance

Queuing sambil mencuci mata.. hrmmm memang tidak menghampakan yerrr... heh..heh..

Ladies in BLACK!!!..... *matila mengaku ladies* from left, my sister Kak Sham, As (2), Moi and As (1).

From left, Kak Juhara a.k.a Fendi, Palab Malai Ali and his friend... i think her name was Erin or sumthin'.... *matilah pelupa*
Being a Malaysian, jumping queue is regarded as a norm... for people like us *no pun intended* who had been queuing like since afternoon, we were relegated to the back of the row as people push and pull from sideways to get in to the stadium....... However, we did managed to get into the stadium anyway to find most of the good seats are either taken or "BOOKED". We settled for which i think a preety good seat.. at the uppermost level smack in the middle of the RM288 free seating seats....

About 7pm, we managed to get in to the stadium..... and people are slowly filling up the seats... In the middle of the fields are more expensive tickets.... * matilah diorg, kerusi basah kena hujan*

I always love it after the rain.. the air is crisp... with cool gentle breeze. We can see the sky changing its colour from light blue... deep blue... yellow and orange..... It was indeed a beautiful sight. Although some people questions on the choice of the venue, i'm really glad that the organisers held it here partly because of the millon dollar view and the sense of history surrounding this stadium. They had done a good job renovating this Stadium, bringing it back to its former glory... It it more airy now and i can't help being immensely proud that this is the Stadium where Tunku declared our country's Independence.. *tetiba feelings syahdu plaks... heh..heh.. *

It was 8pm and people are getting restless... the show was supposed to start at 8pm.. however, it should be understood that even though the programme stated that, but in reality, the show will prolly start at 9pm...... by this time, all the seats are packed...... Being bored, the audience started to do thing.... first, a little "wave" was created... but stopped dead halfway.... nevertheless, the audience persist.. making waves after waves... and we had so much fun joining the crowd..... Then, the audience started rythmic clapping and the stadium resonated with chanting of CELINE's name... obviously to no avail of starting the show earlier... he....he....

*catching a glimpse of jejantans hansuari.... ;)*


AT 8.45 sharp, the Emcee.. Yasmin Yusuf announced the arrival of our Beloved KING and Queen..... and the crowd knew that the show is about to start..... Suddenly, the stadium was pitch dark and from the stage emerges Celine Dion.... She was wearing a sequined grey dress with a dash of black and red sequined prints, leather tights and boots. The crowd went crazy.......!!! She was so graceful in thanking anc acknowledging the King's and Queen's presence.... and apologising to her audience on the change of the concert date as well as commenting on the weather....... and the MOON!!!.... he..he... She also belts out some Bahasa Malaysia words like APA KHABAR?..... and TERIMA KASIH...... which shows that she really made the effort to get to know her audience...... and well received by her audience obviously....... Then she started to belt out a number of her hits including some of her new songs...... Im not gonna talk much about her numbers as most of it is similar to her Vegas show....... Below are the pics taken during the concert... Apologies as some of the pics are bit blurred.... ;)

Did she just wink at me??!!!!!!.... *matilah verangans*

*penari yang begitu merembest sekals!!!!!!!*

Later nearing the end of the concert, she changed her outfit into a soft yellow flowy dress which looks so divine and demure.......

An the concert ends........... with MY HEART WILL GO ON......................

Later, we adjourned for post-concert supper at the Old Town White Coffee at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng.........

Fendi and As1 listening to the recordings of the video that they made .......

It was one of my most memorable night......... All in all, i still can't believe that Celine Dion actually held her concert here and i was in 100meters radius of her presence.. heh...heh...... We had fun and for certain that this experience will be cherished all of our lives........



Blogger Izuan Kunang-Kunang said...


I memang nak sangat pergi, last alast minute, semua kawan2 tak jadi pergi...ley?? takkan mak nak ergi berhibur sorang2 kot?? huhuhu *nanges

Celine Dion memang a good entertainer. Bila I tgk konsert dia (on DVD la), bila dah nak habis tu, mesti rasa sedih...sama macam bila mariah buat concert kat situ dulu...kat part-part last, bila dia wave goodbye tu, terus mengalir air mata membasahi maskara i...LOL~~

10:38 AM  
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Blogger Lee Novotny said...

Woww lucky you! :) mak ni jgn haraplaaa nak gi concert bagai, tak mampu noks **nanges hiks...

Matilaa miss alasan!!!

Tapi pemain muzik dan penari tu memang merembesss skals!!! Mrasa Celine Dion kena "spit-roast" ngan diorang kan?? **ops ya hamponnnnnnnnnnn...

Laki Celine dion tadak kah masa tu?

3:35 PM  
Anonymous DivaDeenTgh Keja said...

Izuan~ La.. apasal uolss tak bagitau kat meks.. kalau tak, bleh pegi skali ngan meks tawww..... Tu la uolss... concert tuh memang best.. meks sempat gaks mengalirkan airmata masa lagu My Heart Will Go On tuh..... teringat kisah2 lalu... heh..heh.. Takpa, nanti kalau ada concert lain lagi, kita pakat2 pi ramai2 memerrieskan suwasana naaa......

DivaLeeUK~ Mek stak nam[pak plak laki dia masa tuh... Mak rasa ada kots kat blakang pentas....
Memang merembest2 kekdahnya meks tgk penari2 bebadan KEKAR ittew.... terpegun kejapst....heh...heh...

7:11 PM  
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